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About Analytiqa Technologies

Analytiqa tech is a new founded digital marketing agency in Lebanon offer wide range of services that will help its customers toward digitization. Analytiqa is a learning partner with Odoo and have certified functional consultants within its team and ready to deliver to its customers their Odoo ERP Software Project that will serve their requirement. 


Our mission is to focus on helping small and medium businesses to develop its brand, get more leads, engage more with its customers and sell more.


Our Vision is to be one of the leading companies that provide digital transformation services in the MENA Region and to be always up to date with the latest technologies. Our Main target is to expand our services/operations to cover the demand and needs in Beirut, KSA and Qatar.

Services Provided

ERP Projects Implementation and Customization
ERP Project Management
Web Design and Development
Digital and Social Marketing
Business Consultancy
Data Migration and Backup

Odoo ERP

Odoo is considered one of the major ERP softwares that its main target is to reach to small and medium businesses who have low and limited budget to spread the awareness of the importance of ERP and digital marketing in today’s tough competition and to implement and support its customers and its partners to deliver its investment in ERP technology and in digital marketing. Odoo is user friendly and its business scope include all major business operations and activities. Odoo will help business owners to have one platform that can operate its business activities (Marketing, Sales, invoicing, accounting, HR, Web and E-Commerce and much more). What makes Odoo so special is that it is an open source software that many developers and programmers are contributing in its development, it is way more user friendly compared to its competitors, its applications are all integrated with each other and its business scope is very wide and contain almost all business requirements. In addition to all of these above mentioned, it is considered less in subscription fees compared to its rival competitors (SAP, Oracle, Microsoft dynamics etc..).

Our Industries

Public Sector
Hotel Management
Oil & Gas

Odoo Apps

E-Commerce (V.15 & 16)
Website (V.15 & 16)
Invoicing (V.15 & 16)
Sales (V.15 & 16)
Projects (V.15 & 16)
Accounting (V.15 & 16)
Inventory (V.15 & 16)
POS (V.15 & 16)
Social Media Marketing (V.15 & 16)
Email Marketing (V.15 & 16)
SMS Marketing (V.15 & 16)
Attendance (V.15 & 16)
Employees (V.15 & 16)
Contacts (V.15 & 16)
Discuss (V.15 & 16)
Expenses (V.15 & 16)
Documents (V.15 & 16)
Sign (V.15 & 16)
Time Off (V.15 & 16)
Recruitment (V.15 & 16)
Appraisals (V.15 & 16)
Referrals (V.15 & 16)
Fleet (V.15 & 16)
CRM (V.15 & 16)
Subscriptions (V.15 & 16)
Rental (V.15 & 16)
Amazon Connector (V.15 & 16)
Events (V.15 & 16)
Marketing Automation (V.15 & 16)
Surveys (V.15 & 16)
Blogs (V.15 & 16)
Forum (V.15 & 16)
Live Chat (V.15 & 16)
E-Learning (V.15 & 16)
Time Sheet (V.15 & 16)
Field Service (V.15 & 16)
Help Desk (V.15 & 16)
Planning (V.15 & 16)
Appointments (V.15 & 16)
Purchase (V.15 & 16)
Manufacturing (V.15 & 16)
PLM (V.15 & 16)
Maintenance (V.15 & 16)
Quality (V.15 & 16)
Approvals (V.15 & 16)
IoT (V.15 & 16)
Knowledge (V.16)

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